DESTINY REAL ESTATE "Show and Sell" Checklist

Everyone wants the best possible price for their property, but it doesn't happen without some effort.  Start by making sure your property looks its best, inside and out.  While all the points may not apply to you, this checklist will help you develop an eye for the most attractive aspects of your house and make a lasting impression.

 Before You release the home onto the Market and begin showing

 Ask your real estate professional to take a walk through your house and offer suggestions on how to make it show best. There's simply no better source of ideas for making a house more marketable.

Scrape & touch up siding
Repaint or touch up trim
Clean & repair gutters and downspouts
Repair/repaint fences
Seal driveway
Remove oil stains from garage floor
Wash all windows
Remove all screens (windows look cleaner)
Trim trees, hedges, shrubs
Weed and feed lawn
Remove all clutter (garden tools, toys, etc.)

Check working order of doorbell and exterior light
Replace welcome mat
Repair/repaint storm door and/or front door
Clear interior entry of all clutter
Clear and clean out front hall closet

Repaint or touch up walls and ceilings
Repair/replace old molding
Shampoo or replace carpet and/or wash and wax floors
Remove excess or unattractive furniture
Clean curtains, shutters, blinds, etc.
Clean fireplace, mantle, shelving
Replace old bedspreads

Repair or replace faucets and fixtures
Repaint or repaper walls
Thoroughly clean range/oven, refrigerator and other appliances
Clear out and clean cabinets, drawers, and medicine chests
Remove clutter from countertops
Clean or replace curtains
Grout tubs and showers
Replace old toilet seats and shower curtains

Replace burned-out light bulbs
Clear cobwebs from corners and doorways
Wash light switches, hand rails, and doorknobs
Clear and clean all closets
Add "welcoming" touches: potted plants, dried flowers, etc.


Before Every Showing or Open House

Pick up tools and toys
Put garbage cans in garage
Close garage door
Park cars on street or around corner

Clear off all counters and table tops
Turn on all lights
Open shades and curtains
Put soft music on stereo
Give the house a pleasant aroma - fresh bread, fire in fireplace, etc.
Set dining room table
Make all beds
Set thermostat at comfortable temperature

House & Community Information (display in entranceway or another prominent place)
Paid utility bills
Current property tax receipts
Real estate listing sheet
Floor plan (if available)
List of upgrades you've put into the house (and dates, if available)
Map and/or list of community features and points of interest
Warranty information on appliances